Legal wedding

We also able to assist you all the process of legalization of marriage…

To get married in Indonesia

For Indonesian people who like to  marry either with Indonesian people or foreigner  and for foreigners who like to marry legally in Indonesian,

For those Indonesian citizens, foreigners who are getting married in Indonesia legally, there are two processes of legal marriage you should pass on this wedding, the first is the religion.
Conutry of Indonesia recognizes only 5 legitimate religions, namely Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Budha.  The Wedding was followed by recording the Civil Registry Office is authorized by the government officials who also attending your wedding.

The Wedding will valid if you are able to show the marriage certificate issued from one of the religious leaders and the local Civil Registry Office.

In general, the marriage certificate is issued from Civil Registry Office in Indonesia also be valid in all countries, however, there are some countries that require to re-register in the Civil Registry of the originate citizen.

Requirements :

  • Copy of ID/Family Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Divorce Certificate
  • Copy of passport / ID card two witnesses bride
  • Side by side Photos with 4cm x 6cm size by 10 piece
  • Letter of No Impediment issued and authenticated by the Consulate/Embassy and by the village chief for Indonesian.
  • Secondly is Wedding Celebration

If you like to celebrate your wedding, we also serve to provide a Wedding Celebration Package,
Such as:

    • Glass Wedding Chapel
    • Wedding Decoration
    • Traditional Wedding
  • Sundanese traditional wedding