Retirement Visa

Length of temporary stay visa granted by the Indonesian Embassy is generally valid for up to one year which does belong to semi residency visa (KITAS) and extendable every year for the purpose of retirement and type of non purposes of working visa.


  •     Passport with min 18 months validity.
  •     Age of over 55 years
  •     Copy Health/Life/Medical/Mortality Insurance
  •     Copy of bank statement for living accommodation
  •     Statement of Pension Fund Institution
  •     Copy of marriage certificate for couple
  •     Curriculum Vitae
  •     Statement to declare of employment Indonesian maid servant
  •     Pay for visa application fee at the Embassy of Indonesia
  •     Invitation letter /Sponsorship from a registered company  in Indonesia (sponsorship is available)
  •     Photograph 3x4cm,4x6cm, each 6 pcs.
  •     Approval from the Director General of Immigration Jakarta
  •     Price IDR 10.000.000,- ( price can change at anytime )

During the time in issuance of KITAS, an exit reentry permit will be issued at the same time for traveling out of the country Indonesia

How to get this visa?

The documents from sponsorship and applicant shall be submitted to the Director General Immigration of Indonesia to get a recommendation of Calling Visa and at the time of waiting for Calling Visa, the applicant must be outside of Indonesia.

This procedure will take processing time at approximately 4 weeks working days.

As soon as your recommendation is granted, visa application shall be submitted to a nominated embassy of Indonesia at your home country or overseas.

Process of visa application is generally taking at approximately 7 working days, however, considering that every each embassy of Indonesia has different policy we will suggest you to look for more information to your closest embassy of Indonesia before applying for visa.

Once your visa application approved, your visa must be used within 90 days from the date of issue to entering the country of Indonesia and reportingyour arrival time within 7 days to local Chief Immigration of Local/Office that covers the area of applicant’s residence to continue on next step to process of KITAS.

This procedure will take processing time at approximately 4 weeks working days and at the time of process, you would be required to attend to local Immigration Office to have photos taken and signed in front of Immigration Officer.

KITAS has done proceed.

During the time in possession of KITAS, an exit reentry permit will be required for traveling out of the country Indonesia and type of exit permit will depend on your needs.