Social Visa

Length of stay 30/60 days visit visa granted by the Indonesian Embassy overseas for the purpose of such as tour, family and or social culture visit ,type of single entry and non working purposes visa, extend able for 4 (four) times for each 30 days.


  •     A Passport with min 12 months validity
  •     Invitation letter/Sponsorship from a local person in Indonesia by attaching her/his Bali      ID
  •     Photograph Size 3×4 : 4 pcs
  •     Pay for visa application fee at embassy of Indonesia
  •     Price IDR 3.700.000,- ( price can change at anytime )(price include: invitation, personal sponsorship, extension fee I-IV)

Extra fee will be charged if the Indonesian Embassy requires an approval from the Director General of Immigration Jakarta.

 How to get this visa?

The document from sponsorship and applicant shall be submitted to a nominated embassy of Indonesia at your home country or overseas for visa application.

Process of visa application is generally taking at approximately 7 working days, however, considering that every each embassy of Indonesia has different policy we will suggest you to look for more information to your closest embassy of Indonesia before applying for visa.

As soon as your visa application approved, your visa must be used within 90 days from the date of issue to entering the country of Indonesia.

Period of your validity visa will be calculated from the date of your arrival.