Bali – The Island of Paradise

Bali Island is one of the thousand constructing the Indonesian Archipelago that has long been famous as the leading tourist destination.
Somehow, it cannot be denied that now Bali has become a place for business people from all over the world to do trade transactions, to have business meeting and business research, and or to run business.
Don’t even think about living and starting business in Bali without knowing the rule how to get the right and proper visas based on your purpose of stay, the first step to registering your business, tax issues, staffing issues, and etc.

SUNRISE – visa & business center

As you may already know that in Bali there are plenty of other consultancy business similar like us, and we know that they are also good in what they’re doing.

We are please to assist you with information needs and full service allows you to make all matters legally related to your purpose of staying in Bali.

So, please do feel free to contact us through email or by phone for any information regarding our services.